The Changes at Bloghology Social Network

The Changes at Bloghology Social Network

Despite being immersed in the internet for 12 hours a day at times, I am not quite sure of the definition of a social network. Some are for bookmarks, some for articles and some for liking and commenting. My definition now is a site that I don't own and I can put stuff on. What makes it social is that other people can see it. I was going to add "and interact", but I don't think that is necessarily a common denominator.

With 5,300,001 social networks out there, how do you choose? As an online marketer and/or blogger, you have ulterior motives. You want to build a network, get more subscribers and get more traffic to your blog. This is something you have to admit to yourself first. Once you join, you can drop your motives and be yourself. But initially you want to make sure that your time spent at the new network is time well spent. And one way to do this is to find people with like minds and like interests.

And if you are a blogger, the Bloghology Social Network may be for you. Bloghology has had a few setbacks. Starting as an online magazine with blogger interviews, we tried to make the jump to print and didn't quite make it. But behind the scenes, the site where Bloghology is hosted has morphed into a social network for bloggers with new features being added almost weekly.

And here are some of those features:

  • A Blog - Social networks are the new mini-sites. It is good to spread your content around. Hording all of it on your blog is not a good move. Readers have to find your blog first and one way they do is by reading what you have written on a social network that already has traffic. Now if only I could practice more what I preach. :)
  • Groups - You can create groups and interact with other people on the network.
  • Social Network Integration - A must if you belong to more than one. And I belong to a few.
  • Events - You can post events and invite your friends from your network.
  • Dashboard - You can change the look and layout of your profile. Plus, add widgets.

So if you are a blogger that wants to learn more about blogging or a blogger who wants to build your network and traffic to your site. Advertiser or marketer? You can continue to reach bloggers one at a time through contact forms or you can reach thousands at Bloghology. In these economic times, the two things corporations increased their budget on is creating content and social media marketing. A membership at Bloghology is free and is at the intersection of both.

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