A Twitter Machine

A Twitter Machine

I must admit I can’t help. I see one technology and try to attach it to another. And then another and another. I originally learned to program so I could create things. But now all I really have to do is look around for tools that work well together.

I have had my first Twitter account for over a year now and just topped 1600 subscribers. With that account, I tweet things and go through new followers and follow anyone that interests me, manually. I rarely go looking for people for follow. My second Twitter account is a few months old and had less than 200 subscribers, so I tried an experiment. But let me show you the results first.

In one week, I gained over 1000 followers. And if you trust the “Twitter rank” algorithms out there, I also look good on that front:

Here is this account’s Twinfluence stats.

While on Twitalyzer, I could use some work. But the signal to noise ration shows 100%.

That’s enough for now. More about how I did it later. And that’s what I call a cliff hanger.

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