How to Win Friends and Influence Tweeps

How to Win Friends and Influence Tweeps

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One of the reasons I don’t post as often as I used to here is social networks. Another reason is that not writing one day starts a trend. It may take 21 days to build a habit but it only takes a couple to break it. Hey, but Twitter makes up for, in one way. Not really, but I like to tell myself that. I guess if I write 40 tweets a day, that’s the equivalent of one post.

I have been meaning to write a post exclusively about Twitter for a long time, but I hate rehashing things that others have said. And a lot has been said about Twitter, a tool I didn’t understand at first and did nothing but make fun of.

I no longer make fun of Twitter. I am a true believer.

Twitter is a Model for ESP

Or ESPN for that matter. Yes, you can get sport scores. As I write this, I am not checking. I am just having faith. Faith that Twitter will provide. And Twitter has provided a lot.

I used to bitch more often on Twitter until my wife told me that people might think that I’m an asshole. But if that’s your groove, go with it. I bitched about Comcast one day and the next had no cable problems. If I would have called them on the phone, I would have been on hold for 20 minutes and would had to have proved a problem existed and they would have sent a technician in about a week.

With Twitter, if you say it, it’s true. Or at least true enough that someone will try to oil your squeaking wheel before too many people hear you squeaking. But I don’t bitch as much as I used to. I think I may still be an asshole though.

Twitter as the Digital Collective Unconscious

You have to learn to release yourself to Twitter. In Twitter you trust. Ask and Twitter shall provide.

Throw out something. Ask a question. It is the Magic 8 Ball. Hey, that gives me an idea for a Twitter app and makes me wonder if Twitter cuts my thoughts and attention into bite sized chunks. Ok, back on subject. Oh, yes, Twitter.

The more people that follow you, the more answer’s to question you have and there are some smart people on Twitter. I never much liked forums for answering questions. That’s like being on hold again, until the next day or so. But Twitter is fast. Or, I mean, the people on Twitter are. God, we aren’t exactly in the Matrix. That was a movie, damn it.

Twitter is the Invisible Man You Talk to in Your Head

He does exist. I have been wondering.

You know how you were embarrassed about being a Trekkie until you found other Trekkies, enough to outnumber the people that laughed at you. And then you had a posse. And posse’s validate you. Or at least spread the embarrassment around a bit more. It works like this: embarrassment factor = total embarrassment/amount of people in your group.

You would be amazed at the value of the stupid shit you say to yourself. It may help others. Or at least get a laugh. Don’t waste it talking to yourself. Put it up on Twitter.

So Where Doe This Winning Friends and Influence Come In

Well, you see, I was influenced. And this post was about some of the ways that happened.

And if you want to follow me on Twitter, be prepared.

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