Finding Your Own Way to Make Money Online

Finding Your Own Way to Make Money Online

I sometimes look back at the posts I have written and then back at my site and think, "Damn, these people must think I'm an asshole."

I say, "You need to do this. This works too. And try this."

When I look at this blog and other sites I have, none actually fit the perfect rules I have written in stone on this blog or in my past articles.

I make a big point of hating hypocrites. It is one of my pet peeves. I argue with new casters and commentators. If anyone has the nerve to turn on the Fox News Radio station at work, I don't stop. If I have to hear the propaganda, you are going to hear some of my thoughts on the subject and they aren't pretty.

So before anyone calls me out, let me try to rationalize this a little.

This stuff takes a lot of time. I always thought I would build a algorithm for creating a site. Not software, but a step by step generic plan to build any site. That's how I tackled blogging and Wordpress.

Create a theme to get to know that part of Wordpress. Create a plugin to get an idea of how I can bend the Wordpress code to my liking. Play with the structure using what I know from my ecommerce and SEO experience. Get visitors through social networks. Experiment with advertising and monetization techniques.

The Goal: a set of plugins to upload to any Wordpress installation, a set of flagship articles to seed the blog and a set of tools to get traffic to the site. Then all I would have to do is write.

The Reality: this takes a long time. With 563 gaping holes in my blog and my internet activities, I have to choose a place to start. And writing about it is quicker than doing it.

Processes change and evolve. I wrote a post about a quick way to add images to your blog and I use a different method now. I wrote about how I use Entrecard and now that has changed a few times since the post. I wrote about tools you can use to find blogs to comment on and now I mainly use Entrecard and Google Reader, but I do really like Comment Sniper for those sites I really want to keep up with.

But sometimes I am just straight lazy. Sometimes I mean to put pics in a post and then drop the ball before I post it. Sometimes I mean to link to past posts and then I get bored while tracking them down. I have the All in One SEO Pack installed and recently found HeadSpace2. I use the SEO Pack less than half the time. I haven't even activated HeadSpace2 or tested it yet.

There is enough people out there to give you the one true way. And if you are still looking for that, you will find it and they will be happy to have you.

I have been listening to old school internet marketing conference call recordings on the way to work lately and I have learned a lot from them. Not about how to make money. But about getting someone to catch onto the concept.

It's a veil. And having the one true way will take a lot of options away from you. What else will? Believing that the person showing you the way is perfect and above reproach and does everything he says.

I once had a telemarketing call as a result of a Clickbank product I purchased. At that time I realized, the guys out there that have altogether, don't. They work real hard to make it look like they do and then they hire staff.

The only other option I see is doing a lot of blow, a lot. But any more, coffee is about as far as I will go with a little Red Bull thrown when I need an extra kick.

So take a look at the gaping holes in my methods and laugh. Look around for where I drop the ball and have a little righteous indignation. Because that is an even bigger lesson.

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