Finding a Direction

Finding a Direction

This blog has basically a mess of categories. The categories explain what is in them, but they tend to be all over the map. This is because this blog has really no direction as it stands. Yes, you can find some great tutorials here. Some techniques that are hard to find on one page, but it is hard to find an umbrella to put all of this under. And since I think design is only a way to put things in the right order with the right emphasis, it has been hard for me to find a direction for the theme.

I think I have visited this subject once or twice in other posts. I would usually link to them, but it may make me look a little wishy-washy. You can look for them if you want and see that I am right, but I don't really jump on something until it feels right. And what feels right? Writing about something that makes my fingers move faster than I can control them.

I have visited a lot of other blogs and think I have suffered from, "I want to do that." Well, I'm a pretty good mimic, but I can pick out all the articles here where I didn't do that. They are the ones that float to the top when you sort them descending by the amount of comments. Okay, I just had to get technical there. What I really mean is that they are the ones with the most comments.

I write tech articles and get lots of hits from search engines for them. I try to catch new things. This gets me hits also. I write about affiliate programs. This also gets me hits. When I write about how to deal with everything I deal with, I get subscribers and comments. When I go off subject, in that I am not writing about the internet, I get lots of comments. Not as much as John Chow, but a lot for me. But is it really off subject? Not if I change what the subject is.

The subject is "How can you work a day job, have a family, keep up with other responsibilities, and start an internet business that I think may make us 6 figures next year." It's more than how to do it. It involves a change in thinking. It involves being stubborn. It involves constant evaluation and evolution. It involves taking what you need and throwing out the rest. There is just too many things you can try to try everything. It involves learning on the fly. Two of the computer languages I know I never read a book on. It involves somehow finding motivation when the future looks dark. It involves reprogramming yourself. The hourly work mentally won't work here.

I still will be writing all the tech tutorials. But I will also be writing tutorials on not needing a tutorial. In other words, going deeper. How I found the answer. How to use the tools you have more efficiently. How to squeeze 8 hours into 2. How to get more out of a book or concept than what was there to begin with. How to create your own techniques by expanding others. How to explain to your wife that you will be spending hours at a computer but in a few months, it will be worth it and in a few years, you will be holding the conversation against her. Just joking.

I am putting the finishing touches on this Wordpress theme and hopefully it will be done this weekend. Anyone have an idea for a tagline? Some of mine:

  • Killing 1000 birds with one stone.
  • A split personality gives you more employees

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