Testing My New Web Only Jekyll Deployment

Testing My New Web Only Jekyll Deployment

So Jekyll is a great choice for a blog if you don’t need to run a dynamic site and I just got tired of running a whole hackable application on a server somewhere. Updates, patches, zero days. I just got tired of the whole process of preventing getting hacked when it was just a god-damned blog.

At the time I was on a Mac. Pretty easily to get your local running and writing quickly. Linux, even easier. Windows…let’s just say I’m not as patient as I used to be when it comes to getting something running. Linux and Mac made me a little more demanding of something that just works. And I forget where I ended with the whole getting the right version of Ruby and all its gems running correctly and exactly where I gave up and started looking for another solution.

So I found a way and in order to see a change on the site, I had to write a post. And I intended to write a post detailing the process and other options, but didn’t want to start that until I had all the bugs worked out. So a rambling post promising the eventual how to post.

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