The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans

The Plans

I plan to write good posts. Once, I thought blogging was just internet writing and I just spit out a few words here and left for weeks at a time. I am trying to change that, but that doesn't mean it will always happen, for now.

I always plan to add images to every post. I think they look better. I think it breaks up the whiteness of my theme. I created this theme to look very clean so that I could emphasize what I want. It makes the feed icon and banners stand out. It also makes it easier to read the posts. I choose this after looking at a lot of blogs and getting lost or distracted on their pages. But that doesn't always happen either.

I always plan to write a post that has a beginning, middle, and end. The whole "grab the reader" thing. But most of the time I start typing and tell myself that I can cut and paste things in the right order before I post. I tell myself that knowing that I won't.

I am now planning to add headings and break up my posts more to make them more readable. It also doesn't hurt with ye olde search engines to have a few more headings in there. But I forget sometimes.

I plan to get back to all the people leaving me messages on social networks and on my contact form, but sometimes the day goes by in such a caffeinized blur that I only remember as I take a shower, drive home from work, or brush my teeth.

I always plan not to freak out when sales take a dip, but I do anyway. The whole "sky is falling" routine. Blogging is a waste of time. Google is about to ban this or that site. It takes my wife to turn me in the right direction again. I am the third kid.

This doesn't even get to plans stored away in notebooks. Plans that make things easier, make more more money, give me more time with my family. Awe, but those are written down, so at least they won't get away. I have four. I also plan to outsource when it comes to these.


Habits take a while. I have to remind myself over and over to do want I set out to do. I often have trouble with time and trying to fit everything in, but what I really have is a problem with realizing how much time I actually have and only adding things that I absolutely need to do to my list of things to do.

But soon, down the road, I will forget you ever had issues with doing things right. I know that from experience. I have learned the difference between laziness and adjustment. Misdiagnosing either one of these ailments with have the same effect, dead in the water.

So, as I beat myself up for not doing things the right way, I remember the hardest thing I ever did. If I licked that, I can lick this. I just have to keep pushing myself without yelling.

When it is finally a habit, I won't remember any of this. And before long it will be a rut that I will have to get out of.

Trust Yourself

The mind is as amazing thing. Those notebooks I was talking about. I have gone back to them and every once and a while I find something I wrote down that I forgot about. But I didn't. Plans I don't remember somehow fell into place without me consciously pushing them.

Something they used to call magick, which later became visualization, which Anthony Robbins threw in a blender with a few other new age concepts to write a few books. I call it trust. If I have done my research and have written the details down, things will fall into place if I just let my subconscious do a little of the work and get the hell out of the way.

And the notebook. I found it in a local closeout store and tracked the website down here.

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