Facebook opens its pages

Facebook opens its pages


This idea is brilliant. The article says:

For instance, an online retailer could build a service in Facebook to let people recommend music or books to their friends, based on the relationships they've already established on the site.

I know so many people through social networks constantly struggling with how to make money online. Yet these same people are really a passionate about different and various websites and products. And this passion spread like a virus through the online community. Having companies approach users to make money by doing what they already do is a win, win situation. Many new stories make it to the internet before the tv and these vigilant bloggers are starting to get their props. It’s time retail companies give props to what has too long been free advertising.

What this means to affiliate marketers remains to be seen. Competing with an evangelist of a product for sales may be a hard thing to do.

I think this may be the main reason why they didn’t sell out to Yahoo for One Billion Dollars. Yeah, that’s so many zeros, I’d buy myself an island and kiss the internet goodbye. Or something similiar. Then again maybe not kiss the internet goodbye. It’s good for other uses.

Imagine how this is spread. When I tell people I’m an affiliate marketer, I have to go through this long explanation of what I do. And if they finally get it and then ask how, I have to bill them. But if all you say was,”Dude, what you do is this: Go to Facebook. Sign up. Spread the word about things you like and the things you’ve bought and you’ll get a check.” , they would get it right away.

Nothing like, “Well, first you build a webpage.”. I think we will see a surge in income at Facebook in the near future.

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