Your Opinion on Reblogging

Your Opinion on Reblogging


I don't like rehashing. Most of the time I wait until I had something to add to a topic before I jump in, whether it be a new technique or some research results or maybe just a point of view, which may be closer to an attitude. I'll leave that to you to define.

But I also want people who happen upon my blog to get a complete picture of what I am trying to present. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it can only help down the road to know enough about SEO, css, Wordpress, and everything else it takes to make money like I do. Plus, if you are starting on a shoestring, you can't hire anyone. So you can either do it yourself or use "some day". "Some day" never works. And even as I start outsourcing some of the duties, I will know exactly what I want and how I want it done because I could do it myself if I had to. Talking to a developer or designer is about the same as talking to your auto mechanic when you know nothing about cars.

About 90% of what I've learned, I've learned right here. So I like throwing out links. I think it makes my blog well rounded with some subjects better covered by experts. But throwing a bunch of amorphous links into a delicious account that posts to this blog limits things a little. I literally could bookmark 30 or so pages a day on 10 different topics. I know this seems like a waste of time, but I know where I am going in the future. When I can knock out some of the research before I get to it and have it waiting for me, it helps. One post like that and it could look like superspam, so I don't bookmark that much any more.

Another option is what you see on my Cre8buzz page. I could put up a OPML widget of all the feeds I subscribe to. Worthless. Not everyone is that much of an information junkie. Wading through those feeds will just stop most people in their tracks. And I haven't found a filter system that has an element of randomness. Too many filters and you get tunnel vision.

But for a while, I have been thinking about a reblog. This brings up images of scraper sites and MFA sites. But some don't get the label. So where is the line.

  • 45n5 - Many of us know this one.
    TPWire - From Tom Peters

The software I was thinking of using is located here which lists a few more reblog sites. This I would put on a site of it's own, like Bloglot, which is just hanging out now collecting spam.

Meme trackers do this with an algorithm but I see that akin to following Fortune picks to trade stocks instead of doing your own research. The most popular is not necessarily the most valuable.

Another option I might look into is here.

Tumblr was an option because I can feed it my delicious links one at a time, but there are no categories.

My utopian idea of what I am trying to come up with is that my posts and my projects can run parallel to my research and footnotes for them (i.e. bookmarks and comments on them) so that I can create a more complete whole. That way those who want to can go further.

And this is how I get moving. I see the picture of what I want, then I start looking for tools. If I don't find the perfect tools, I see what I can start with and jump into the php.

In an effort to provide a complete overview, there are other options for information aggregation that I found while I was writing this and I will be exploring some unique Wordpress installations.

So if anybody has an idea, let me know.

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