Work For Yourself Daily

Work For Yourself Daily

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Reason Not To Blog: I have to work to put food on the table.

But that is no longer something I can trick myself into thinking any more. I get lost. There are times after a bout of staring at the same php code day after day that I just snap and can’t look at it any more.

It is not a snap, really. I just get easily distracted when I get burnt out and just let myself go with the flow. Because anything is better than going back to that mind numbing code.

But it is not really the answer and I am not quite sure that just forcing myself to do the work is the answer. The answer really is that I am a spot in my career I am not liking too much and I am unsure of.

It seemed like I climbed up a big hill to get where we were financially and once we got there, I slid down the other side. And I do not attribute this to any one action but to a shift in focus.

What you keep in your mind is what you will do?

This seems to be a simple concept and yes it is, but simple concepts can sometimes be very powerful.

But what you keep in your mind is not necessarily what you think is there.

I started making money online out of a hobby of programming and internet surfing. I looked at what I was doing and said, “I know myself well enough to know that I can be interested in just about anything that is intricate enough to keep my attention.” ”But I am looking at this wrong. Just a slight shift in my attention to how I can make money off of what I am doing could possibly change some things.” I continued with myself.

By doing that and always finding a way to merge what I liked with making money from it, I eventually did start making money. And it was pretty cool. I was for the most part playing with concepts I would have played with any way. I just added a cha-ching button.

And I am writing about this now because, like I said, I reached this point where I don’t feel excited about things any more. I had gradually built up a good steady stream of income that came in day and night with only a little work on my part and I had one job.

The Hourly Slave

But overextended my time and probably took things for granted and the income started to slip and I started working for clients. Not that that was a bad thing. We needed the money. But the thing about working for anyone by the hour or even by the job. You will only make so much because there are only so many hours in the day. There are no sales while you are sleeping with this plan.

I am going back to statement now I used to keep in my head. “A day I don’t work on one of my projects that makes me money with no one else calling the shots is a day I fall behind.” I think that sounded better in my head. But you get the point.

Any type of semi-automatic income stream takes a while to build steam. It also takes a while to lose steam. And when you are running in the rat race, the instant money each week can begin to look better than spending a week on something that may only make $20 the week after it is finished. But a year later when that $20 is up to $50, the week of work that started that ball rolling is now worth $2500.

The numbers and time may be off, but you get the point. Now I need to. When I started playing this game, I was making $100 a day extra a month later. I keep looking for that golden ticket again but it is slow and steady time.

And another lesson I need to add in with this.

If you spend 80 of your 81 free hours working, taking 4 or 5 hours to build an income stream is not going to effect you much. Just get something done that is just for you. I used to preach this a lot to everyone I met and then I slowly got beat down and burnt out. Not sure why.

I used to laugh at the mentality that said stick with your day job and squirrel away money so that you are rich when you are too old to have fun. But with a few mistakes and hearing it said over and over again, it started sinking in.

Well, it is time to rip it out again and vaccinate against it. I have built things that make money and I will build things that make money and the day job mentality is meant to keep you down. Well, maybe I will take the conspiracy theory out and just state the fact. A day job mentality can do nothing but keep you down. It seep into every pore and one day you wake up a zombie.

I am never quite sure if some of my posts were meant for you or for me. Well, any way glad to have you here. Hope you come back. And thanks fot listening to my rant.

So to wrap this one up, work for yourself daily. Trim costs. Cut back on other activities. But find a way to do it. It is your only way out of being an hourly slave. Being a high dollar whore is better than being a street walker, but it is much better to be the pimp.

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