My Magento Bookmarks

My Magento Bookmarks

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It is still my plan to create a subdomain to host all of my posts on ecommerce. I have a lot of material. It is what I do most of the day. But for now, I will continue to put them here.

Magento is software for running an e-Commerce site. Yesterday I wrote a post on Magento for Search Engine Journal. I mentioned in that article that I had about 60 threads bookmarked in the forums. These threads really helped me modify 4 Magento installations. I also have a few bookmarks from elsewhere. Considering that the only book on developing for Magento leaves a lot up in the air, I figured I would write this post. It may help a few people.

Ask Magento

Recently, Magento set up a community powered Twitter account where you can ask your Magento question and get it answered.

Sites Where You Can Learn More About Magento

My Bookmarked Magento Forum Threads

Image Import -- Does It Work?
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