Wordpress Plugin Hunting

Wordpress Plugin Hunting

I have been looking for a Wordpress plugin that will make the reading of tutorials that span more than one post easier. By default, Wordpress will sort posts by the date, descending. I need something that will sort the post for a certain category the other way. That way if I create a category whose subcategories are all tutorials, archives for each of the subcategories will have the tutorials in the correct order.

I have found posts at forums of people looking for the same type of plugin, but I have yet to find the plugin. But the plugins I did find were interesting and I spent some time browsing through them.

Feed Footer WordPress Plugin - How To Grow Your Blog Traffic
Stop waiting for getting approved for feed ads and do it yourself. This plugin will rotate up to 10 ads under the blog posts in your rss feed and allow you to add copyright notices. You can use any type of HTML code and any length. I found 2 or 3 similar plugins, but they did not have as many features.

mutube » Blog Archive » AdSense Manager v2.0 (Beta) Released
John Chow recommends Adsense Deluxe and unfortunately the day I read his ebook, the site where the plugin was hosted was down and it was down the next. So I found this and works out pretty well for me. You can set up ad codes and then ad them to any post you want to. The plugin is set up to create the adsense code for you or you can save the code from any other ad program into the system, if you don't deal with Adsense.

WordPress-phpMyAdmin : silpstream
Deal with your database from within Wordpress instead of having to login separately through phpMyAdmin.

And after browsing through the Wordpress Plugins Database, I found something that will do what I want it to do for the time being. It's the Articles plugin from Alex King who also wrote Popularity Contest.

And then I found another one: Organize Series WordPress Plugin « Unfolding Neurons. This one will allow you to add a custom category which will list posts you choose to be included in a series.

I guess it just takes time. Enough browsing for today. Back to work.

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