While I Was On My Way to Writing a Contact Form

While I Was On My Way to Writing a Contact Form

Yes, yes, I am going to spill more of the beans about Blog World Expo. But I thought I needed some preparation first. First, a contact form and I really need opinions. It is time for afterburners and I got to make sure this thing is airworthy.

I am an opinionated observer. Well, I’m not so sure that I can say that so much any more. I have my own ideas about how things can work and it’s time for them to do their job. They have been lounging around long enough. Lazy, welfare sucking ideas.

So I just jumped in and did what I thought would work. You tell me. It kept me awake all night and would have this night if I hadn’t done it. Yes, Blog World Expo did some things.

So, does it work? I know if you are a regular subscriber, you might get it. Does it work if you’re not? Either way, I think it’s staying, but it’s good to know opinions. God knows, you’ve heard enough of mine.

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