Wakoopa, Find Software You Never Knew You Needed

Wakoopa, Find Software You Never Knew You Needed

Wakcopa LevelThis is now one of my favorite sites. It gained that status over the weekend.

I like software. It is responsible for most of the work I actually get done. Without it, I would have to do everything manually. Other people use employees to expand their business. I use software.

Every now and then I hunt for software. A tool I need. Sometimes I find it and sometimes I don’t. And sometimes I have 54 options.

Software is supposed to save time. But sometimes finding the right tool can take a lot of it away. That’s where Wakoopa comes in.

Wakcopa suggests software based on the software you are currently using. And I have found software that I never knew existed and slo some software that I had looked for before, found and then uninstalled because it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

So over the weekend, I logged in to check out new software by clicking on the suggested tags in my home. And I really was surprised with the amount of new tools I found.

StarDock ObjectDock Plus - A Macish dock for your PC.

Fact200 - A great search tool for creating your own metasearches.

ManicTime - A time tracker for Windows. I did have a Firefox plugin that did this just for web sites. But this one does that and tracks your software usage and then you can tag certain activities as “work”,”slacking”, etc.

Of course, whether this is a good tool or another way to waste time is a good question. Yes, I lived without this software in the past. And there is always time spent learning to use new software. But I think it is.

Wakoopa, build a plugin detector in Wordpress and an addon detector for Firefox and I’ll try those too. You can be my online personal shopper for what I shop for most online. But then again, I’m a geek like that.

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