There Is No Killer App

There Is No Killer App

Reason Not to Blog #3: I just can’t find the right tool.

There is no killer application that will do everything for you. Quit searching. This is something I have to tell myself often but I forget.

I will start something new as a beginner and make great strides and I will always mess it up by looking for tools to help me do the work.

I will get just that close to a blogging schedule, then I will go looking for software to make it easy.

I will get into writing again and start writing every day. Then I will have to get a new pen, a new notebook, new software to organize my ideas.

I will just get to getting things on my to-do list done and go looking for project management software.

I actually wrote this post in the middle of writing another because I caught myself thinking I wish this software would post to my blog. So I had to tell myself, “No, it does it’s job well. This is how you are organizing your ideas more effectively. Posting them can be another process.”

And then I had to write this post. Because it is definitely one of the reasons that can stop you blogging if you are person like me.

My theory is that there will never be perfection in anything including software, but it will always be evolving. So, you should check often for better tools. The downside of that is that changing tools can take time.

Another downside is that my ideas quickly turn into missions if I don’t curb them quickly enough. It will start with looking for software. Then I will be on page 50 of a Google result asking myself if I should write the software.

Since I run a few product review blogs and do reviews of software here, I have the added excuse that I am doing research. So this one is hard for me to fight.

So another issue I have, you may if you geek out on tech shit and software. Looking for a tool to make things easy is just procrastination if it is not a planned part of your work. Chunking out specific time for tool finding will curb it. I have been trying first thing Monday morning.

And this is because every once and a while, I do find software, that in pure Deux ex Machina fashion does save me time and money, like the unlimited document hierarchy in the software I used to house this series as I wrote it.

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