Reasons Not To Blog - A Series

Reasons Not To Blog - A Series

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A Few Weeks Ago

A few weeks ago I started writing posts and saving them on my desktop. You see, each one of the posts I wrote in the last year was meant to be the beginning of a new start blogging, if not daily, at least a couple of times a week.

But each time, it never happened. I just started a series on my Affiliate Marketing Blog about creating content that just started with one post and stopped right there. But I have a good start on that series now too.

Comments were filling up on both blogs and I check them once a week, if that. I had long ago stopped interacting with commenters. I had stopped checking social networks. And I had stopped reading feeds.

So this time, I wasn’t going to post, not until I had enough post to fill a month.

14 Drafts, 18 Rough Drafts and 20 More Ideas

I think I have enough to start now. I always really wanted to do this, organize things beforehand but I never really found the right tool. When I write a post series, there are always gaps. Writing everything or at least planning beforehand helps.

Strange Things Motivate Me

So shortly after I started this process, I just happened on to a post that referenced disclosure policies. And one of those disclosure policies happened to be on John Chow’s blog and guess what, it was just enough to give me an extra boost. His blog will give you the bug and his subscriber count is proof so I guess it is not a strange way to be motivated.

Being Anal

This also had me looking at all of my blogs for missing elements. Blogs are like houses. Constant maintenance. The internet changes and you must too or get left behind. And we all have run into sites that seem to take us back in time, like maybe MySpace.

And I started fixing things and I stopped writing posts. But I caught this and wrote a post about it.

A Series On Not Blogging

I know myself pretty well. Writing and blogging helped me know myself even better. So I knew for a fact, once I started writing again, the posts would be introspective and about blogging and writing. In other words, metablogging.

So instead, I am framing them as a “Why Not to Blog” series. I will take all the excuse I had and expose them for what they are and see if the excuse is still valid. I will be starting out with 3 posts a week and will see how far it gets.

Each post will be linking back here and as I post them, I will add a link here. And I am not just writing this series. Between the posts in this series, I will be writing other posts. But having posts laid out of me ahead of time sure takes the pressure off and when the pressure is off, I don’t have to worry about ideas or writing. It just happens.

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