Using Firefox as a To Do List

Using Firefox as a To Do List

I carry a Moleskine around to write random ideas down which I later put in a bigger notebook which consist of to do list, article ideas, half finished articles and marketing ideas.

I only recently pulled my head out of my ass and set Firefox up to reopen all the tabs the next time I use it. It has become my instant to do list. No need for notes I can lose. Its all right here.

When I shut down for the day. I just make sure all the tabs that I want open when I turn my computer on, are.

In today's world of web apps this can be anything. A online bill payment page, Adsense account, BackPack account, Google Reader, Gmail account and the list goes on.

Just seems the easiest thing to do if you like me, spend a lot of the day here, staring at a screen. When I get up in the morning, I have no idea of what I was doing the day before until I've downed a few cups of coffee. I forget the habit of checking my lists and stare blanking at whatever opens first. Might at well be a list of what I actually need to do.

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