The Blogging Monk

The Blogging Monk

This was going to be a post about how I got away from blogging for the weekend to get back to writing. And that part’s true. I started writing it yesterday and that part’s true. And then I was going to explain that I was going to try to continue the practice of writing in internet isolation. That part, is not so true.

Google in 1998I am writing this post in Dark Room. But I have been sitting at the computer for the last hour. I have downloaded SweetCron, which I may use, and Google Chrome, which is proof that Google should stick to search engines.

I’m just saying. If this is their idea of jumping into something new against competitors and surprising people, I can’t wait to beat a phone running Android to death. Damn, do something cool and Flockdifferent, for God sakes. And make it cool enough that it blows everyone out of the water, especially if you come in this late in the game. And I like the features that are just like Flock, yet I cannot import from Flock. Almost the same star to bookmark in the same place on the interface. I also noticed some Opera like features, yet no import from Opera either. I like the “One Box” idea also, that just came out on Firefox 3.

And that’s how it goes. Oh, yeah I also signed up for a site called Bunsay because I got an email from them. The site has no PageRank, so I hit the Stumble button just to see. First one there.

Some people like shiny objects. I like planting my foot in snow that has not been walked on.

I also like what I call “research”. I call it “research” because sometimes it isn’t. Most of the time it is, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I am just surfing. And sometimes I am just stubborn about finding something with the wrong keywords.

OperaI also like numbers. They distract me. If I have a number 35 next to my picture, I want to make it number one. And social networks that don’t do some sort of “king of the hill” system are missing out on the additive qualities of a system like this. At least when it comes to people like me. But I tell myself to ignore the numbers.

So, back again to the title of this post which was supposed to be about the last weekend when I had not internet connection for three days. I wrote. I wrote a lot. Articles. Magazine articles are a different creature. Much longer and needy. I think I will write haikus now instead.

I was also going to reference historical sources on monks, the dark ages, writing, Gutenberg and a bunch of random things that swirled around the post’s title and the need for peace and quiet. Then, instead I just sat down and wrote this. Quiet is over.

And so much for the Blogging Monk. I am back in this storm that is the internet again. And if you do want to read about blogging with out being distracted by IM, email notices, random popups and evil numbers than read Bloghology, after it comes out of course.

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