The $4000 Notebook

The $4000 Notebook

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Reason Not to Blog: Feeling Boxed In

This blog has subscribers. I have followers on Twitter. At one point, I realized these could be real people and I freaked out.

I used to spur of the moment posts about anything I happened to be doing during the day that might be useful to someone else. Then more people began reading and commenting on my blog and I wasn’t sure what to post next. At some point stage fright hits and there is so much you can’t write or at least you may tell yourself that.

Yes, I had just done something pretty cool with Filemaker and it had taken me a while. Should be useful information for someone and I have a good chance to rank in the search engines for specific Filemaker keyword. …But not everyone uses Filemaker. In fact, it costs money and I would not be using it had not the company I worked for bought it for the business. Will it cause subscribers to go away? Am I stretching my blog too thin?

And what if I write the posts I used to, the ones that totally take off on a tangent, that have nothing to do with anything online? What would happen then?

Really, who cares. If you are blogging about something you like, then do so and you will find subscribers. I am trying.

And  the $4000 notebook. It’s analogy. Don’t ever pay $4000 for a leather bound parchment paper notebook. Because you will start weighing your ideas and nothing will make it to paper. And if you end up with one, use it. Just imagine that it is a college rule spiral bound pad from the grocery store.

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