Testing the 0-60 of a New Blog

Testing the 0-60 of a New Blog

I have been trying to start another blog lately. At least, that's what I am telling myself.
It's a clean slate right now and that's a good place to start. I have started many sites but it is hard to make the first move. Is that the right amount of categories? Did I cover everything? Will I have to bolt something on down the road to make sure the site's complete?
You see, I don't want new blogs to turn into the mess of categories and tags that this one turned into. It's fine for this blog. I cover everything here and I'm not too worried about it being perfect. But I know how restructuring a blog after it already has content can go. I did it once. I do not want to try it again.
I have also been trying to build a smart system to interlink blogs. Profit-ware was going to be the first test case. But I think now, I will begin the blog to get the traffic going. The system I am building needs to plug in seamlessly anyway, whether or not the blog has content.
The new blog is going to be about Ebay. A lot of the links pointing to the domain fit. I used to make money on Ebay. I wrote shareware for Ebay sellers once. I still sell products for my day job there. I have even spotted a few niches lately that would not require all the shipping and tracking. This, for those Ebay sellers who just had the bottom drop out of an income stream when Ebay banned downloadable products.
What I saw could make a person about $200 for about an hour's worth of work. Easy work. So that has me excited to get started. And I'm sure I'll find other niches there. I always do.
I stopped doing anything on Ebay for a while because it was eventually just easier to be an affiliate marketer. Downloads on Ebay sell for pennies. Shipping products out takes too much time and energy compared to writing a blog post or article and making commission from an affiliate sale.
But I guess now it is my mission to pull some less time intensive niches out of Ebay and write some posts. That will keep me on task and coming back. Plus who knows, I can use the extra cash also, from my test cases. I might even need to test reselling liquidated products, because we need some new electronics. One thing I learned from my Ebay Powerseller past was never to pay retail for anything.
I have some Private Label Rights articles on Ebay also. Now I think I will be just leaving them in queue for the days that I do not want to post my own content. I will use then to flesh out the boring parts. Finding a way to make money = fun. Telling someone step by step how to sign up = boring.
So now it is time to head down that road and see where it goes. There is no time like the present. It will be a case study. Now the domain gets about 5 visitors a day and has a Pagerank of 4. I want to see how fast, with my limited time, I can hit the 200 visitor a day range .The plan is still a little vague, but I can deal with that. Nothing is every perfect. And there is no better way to test it than in the wild.

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