Snow Day

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day for me. I spent most of Saturday evening on the laptop watching the snow fall outside. It wasn't done when I went to bed.

The kids have been inside most of this winter. Who wants to go outside when there isn't even snow to make up for the cold. So yesterday I went to the store to get some new sleds. The old ones had been used as wheelless wagons during the summer and weren't sliding that great on the snow. It took stopping at two or three stores to find one that wasn't all sold out.

Both of the kids had a cold for the last week, but they were ready to go outside when I got home. On the first trip down the hill, the sled tipped over and my son face planted. He's almost three. He didn't like the "boat" much any more. That's what he called the sled. But he did like trying to find all of his buried toys in the snow.

My daughter tried the street a couple of times. The snow plow doesn't come down our road.

But it was all fun and it was good not looking at this thing every once in a while.

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