Yet Another Sunday

Yet Another Sunday

I started carrying my camera on Friday this week. Trying to make it a habit to be more observant.

Lawnmower Man 3

A lawn mower as a mode of transportation.

Kombucha Tea Brewing Jar

The tea is called Kombucha Tea. It has been around since 250 B.C. It is tea that is fermented with a specific blend of yeasts and bacteria that happen to live very well together. Similar to the way trees produce oxygen as waste, the waste products of this process includes amino acids, B vitamins, and beneficial acids and live cultures. I'm not a vegetarian or natural foods person. The first time I drank this stuff I felt it. Had to make my own.

Kombucha Tea Scoby

This white mass is alive and growing on top of green tea. The mass is called a SCOBY and sometimes a mushroom. During war times, it has been dried as used as substitute shoe leather.

Bottled Kombuca Tea

I use half liter water bottles to make the tea and then use the bottles to bottle the tea. The tea is carbonated by the action of the yeast that grows in it. So I try to find strong bottles with a lot of cap threads to hold the pressure. I have had thin walled bottles bloat to the point the bottom becomes a bubble and it falls over. I pull two bottles off the brew a day, adding the same amount back, making the process a continuous one.

Artwork 1

We got lost in Kansas City. Right beside some art.

Architectural Salvage Gargoyles

Some gargoyles at Architectural Salvage. This place was packed full of stuff, full and did I say it was full. They were only open Thursday through Sunday.

Architectural Salvage Art Deco Chandelier

Architectural Salvage Stained Glass 3

Architectural Salvage Stained Glass Detail

Architectural Salvage Grates

Architectural Salvage Stained Glass

Beer at McCoy's Public House and BrewKitchen

Red Light Raspberry and Ginger Shandy at McCoy's Public House.

Putting Away the Sleds

Finally cleaning up the winter things out of the yard.

Converse Mowing Shoes

My 6 year old lawn mowing shoes.

Mowing Time

The mower. Started with one pull. I was lucky


The yard. By the end of spring that vine on the fence will turn into the perfect green privacy fence. I'm not cutting it off there. The other two sides of the back yard are ancient alleys overgrown with trees and bushes completing the privacy fence.

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