Bear with me while I try to make this thing rise from the dust. After spending the time to convert it from Wordpress to Drupal, I sort of let it sit stagnant, with broken links, broken pages, lots of broken stuff. Anyways, Drupal is up to date, in version 7 at least. I currently have Xenu attempting a DOS attack on the place while searching for broken links. I will then look through the report and fix what I can. 

And then, there's the comments. About 200,000 to be moderated, which I am guessing about 199,990 of them to be spam. This happened while I attempt to get Mollum to work as a replacement for Akismet multiple times and gave up. Turns out that API's get really pissed off if your time is off by more than 5 minutes. I have run into that twice now. First in the middle of a hackathon. Now again here. I now have my box making sure that the time stays up to date.

And then my whole reason for switching to Drupal in the first place. I was going to make some changes to this site and then I started doing this stuff full time andI actually wanted a break once and a while...for months at a time. And then there is the theme. I have grown to hate Bootstrap because the generic theme is generic and I really don't want to spend the time to modify it. And I like sass, so I am switching to the Gumby2 framework.

And maybe I will try to write posts once and a while.

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