No More Banners Here

No More Banners Here

I decided to take the banners off the site. They didn't help with the view. And unless my traffic increases exponentially here soon, I am not going to lose any money by doing it. What I am going to do is not look so much like a walking billboard.

Some clothes make you look like a billboard. And you pay a premium.

Cars don't come without the car maker's logo.

But no one owns this blog, but me. So, no ads.

I did accept one paid post in this blog's lifetime. It was for a product that I was going to write about anyway. But it still made me feel like a whore. So, none of those either.

I will sell on my other blogs. But here, I need the freedom to say any type of crazy shit I feel like. And price tags don't allow me to do that.

I do have Entrecard and that works. I have run into some great blogs through the service and it does bring traffic and get my blog out there.

This blog's domain is my name. I am considering any ads like I would consider putting a tattoo on my forehead. And my forehead goes all the way back to the base of my neck. Lot's of space, but that doesn't mean I want to paint a billboard up there.

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