My Wordpress Time Machine

My Wordpress Time Machine

I think most of us know the advantage of setting our timestamps ahead on our posts. I am here but I am not. For all you know, I could have written this post a year ago.

Windows Live Writer has made this a little bit easier. I have posts in every stage of being finished. From some that only have titles to ones I have already uploaded to this blog. It gives me  a lot of options with my time.

But what about setting the timestamp for an earlier date. I didn't realize the usefulness of this until lately.

This blog's theme has gone through a lot of changes. Up until four or five months ago, I didn't get that many posts in. This site was mainly a half-assed portfolio. A chronological list of my abilities. I don't have a degree. I haven't had a "job" in this industry until lately. I needed some proof of experience.

In the last four months, this blog has progressed in something more, and though I don't think there were too many regular readers before, writing the same type of content I used to may not fit in with the new readers.

If I want to finish up my tutorial on importing datafeeds into Drupal or go more deeply into the Clickbank Marketplace xml, some readers may say, "what the heck?"

The solution: set the date back so I can still provide the newer content to newer readers and tie up some unfinished business on older posts.

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