Multiple Widgets Wordpress Theme

Multiple Widgets Wordpress Theme

I figured I would host all of my Wordpress experiments on another blog, Renovating Wordpress. I am going to be doing a lot with Wordpress in the next few months and I figured that while I won't have enough content to post daily to the blog, the things I will be making available as downloads over there will bring enough traffic in it's own right.

The first is this theme. Well, not this theme, but this theme to the max. It's free and it has a link back to me, but only from the home page. All the other pages conserve link juice for you. A feature I wanted to see in a free Wordpressscreenshot.png theme and never found, so I added it to mine. You can also change the colors and fonts without editing the theme files. That way more people can use my theme and yet have sites that look completely different. This blog and the new blog are running basically the same theme. Both of these features help you, the Wordpress user and me, the designer. Hopefully more people will use my theme because of this and I will get more links back to me.

Enough talking. There are a lot of more features, a lot. But I have already written this spiel differently twice and I am tired of going over it. Check out my multiple widget theme.

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