Moving Day

Moving Day

This is going to be a quick post of thing I will be doing this weekend, if possible.

I am going to be moving this blog over the weekend. I will still try to post during the process. And I may take advantage of the Drupal Wordpress Module. I wind then run this blog on the front page of a Drupal installation and work on Drupal in the background over the next few months. There will be so much more I can do with the two together.

I am still looking for some Wordpress plugins or if I get to it, I will write them. Something that saves links to a single post with a button like the press it button, so I can save top links over the week and then do a link list once a week or so, with integrated trackbacks. Some way to join the alinks plugin with the link cloaking plugin after which I will be thinking about a desktop link uploader to connect to the xml-rpc functions of alinks. And a plugin or them adaption that will allow me to customize sidebars to specific pages.

I will also be screwing around with my other active blog and its theme.

Here are few interesting links I found outside the realm of the blogs I normally follow by going through the top 25 design blogs list:

Found out about the Wordpress Revolution Theme which I almost purchased, but will wait. New themes can come when sites are ready to use them on.

Found out about another John Chow Treatment. But the circumstances were different. David Airey suggests the following steps to avoid a Google penalty:

  • Don’t participate in any form of black hat SEO
  • Add the rel=”nofollow” tag to any paid links on your website
  • Be careful not to link to bad neighbourhoods
But I don't have paid links. Any black hat SEO would have only have been by accident, if that's possible. I may have linked to a bad neighborhood, but am not sure how to find this out and probably don't have the time.

I found some seo tips for PDF files for those of you wanting to release an free ebook and squeeze all the possible hits out of doing so.

Cre8buzz will be lauching over the weekend also, if I am correct. I moved up to number 1 in my group and 105 overall. Pretty simple to do and everyone sems very friendly.

Well, that's about all for now. Back to moving.

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