More News About Bloghology: Articles in the First Issue

More News About Bloghology: Articles in the First Issue

Well, this week was a hectic one. I had all of my articles “written” and interviews sent out for the upcoming issue. But that was only half the job. The other half I finished about two days before the deadline in pure “procrastinate until the very end to see if you can still pull it off” fashion. Half of the writing was editing and proofreading and fleshing out post size anecdotes into true articles.

I was going to log things for a while, but that would have been another things to distract me from what I had to do. But I wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of 6000 words in a couple of days. Not a overly huge amount. That would come out to about 10 blog posts. But I can no longer kid myself. It is possible for me to write that much. Now, any whining is a cop out.

But here is what is going to be in the first issue of Bloghology:

Blog World Expo Special Printed Edition

Introduction to Blogging:

  • This Article Will Teach You Nothing About Blogging by Stephan Miller
  • Introduction to Blogging by Miguel Wickert

Blogging Tools:

  • Wordpress as a Home Business Storefront by Stephan Miller

Traffic Building Tips:

  • Blogs Lift Up and Keep `Em by Louis Liem
  • Blogging in Color: Choosing Colors to Target Your Niche and Audience by Ann Smarty

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Keyword Research and Brainstorming Introduction by Ann Smarty

Business Blogging:

  • Five Reasons to Start a Small Business Blog by Mert Erkal

Make Money Online:

  • An Interview with Wendy Piersall, CEO and founder of Sparkplugging and Sparkplug by Anne Marie Nichols
  • The Internet Cold Call by Stephan Miller
  • Preparing Your Blog for Direct Advertising and Where to Find Advertisers by Louis Liem

Social Media & Social Networking:

  • Don`t Gripe About PR Pitches by Anne Marie Nichols
  • Eight Social Networking Reminders by Louis Liem
  • I Scratch Your Post, You Scratch Mine by Stephan Miller


  • The Next Big: Lifestreaming with Microblogging by Mert Erkal

Video & Podcasting:

  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Podcasting by Mert Erkal

Fitness for Bloggers:

  • Fitness for Bloggers:Your Success Depends On It by Miguel Wickert


  • Redbelt by Prem Shashi
  • Tom Cruise to Be A Serial Killer by Prem Shashi
  • Transsiberian(2008) by Prem Shashi

Interviews with Top Bloggers:

  • Yaro Starak
  • Chris Garret
  • Sam Clark
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • John Cow
  • Mani Karthik
  • Garry Conn

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What’s Next In Blogging

You can also join all of us from Bloghology over at WNIB to submit stories and posts about blogging and where you think blogging will be going in the future.

BlogWorld Expo

My going to BlogWorld Expo sort of came out of the blue. But I will be there. I finally got the last and most expensive piece to the whole puzzle and that’s the plane tickets for about $500 round trip. I could have stayed longer and got tickets for almost half the price, but then the hotel stay would have made up the difference.

I still have to figure out the whole gauntlet of getting through the airport. The last time I flew was 2 days before 9/11. So if any of you have pointers, like “Take the Leatherman out of the laptop bag unless you want to get detained for 24 hours, let me know.”

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