Lazy Day Blogging

Lazy Day Blogging

Every now and then I need an easy day. I don't want to write the 1000 word essay, teacher. I don't want to check all of my sources to insure correctness. Not that I do that. I want a quick easy way to get a post out so that I can keep the readers coming, but I don't want it to be fluff. I have recognized a few post types on other blogs that, I believe, shortens blogging time for those days you just don't have the time to go all out, yet still provides valuable content.

One I did the other day and about once every month. It's the update post. Mine was about traffic to my site. Others are about money. I can't wait for the day when I will be skimping on the traffic updates because the money ones have more meat, but I can't really say last month I made $50 and this month I made $55.40. Not really exciting. Not worth writing about. But I guess update posts can be just about anything. An affiliate program you recently signed up for. A lot of bloggers are even beating Blogrush to death with regular posts about their stats.

One is the speedlinking post, where you reference things you have been reading for the week. I usually do this before the weekend. I list everything I will be doing online that doesn't involve blogging, such as working on this template or on other sites, with links to other blog posts where I got the ideas. Just remember to trackback all the posts you reference, so you get a link back too. This is a really easy one and it would be easier if I could find a way to create a running "Press It" button where I could save links to one post and then post it when I am done collecting research.

Another starts with documenting things you do daily. And I don't mean, "I got in my car. I drove to work." I mean the next time you run into an issue, make notes on how you fixed it. I ran into one of these when I was trying to install Apache on my Laptop and another yesterday when I tried to fix the Onlywire Autosubmit Plugin, which I am still not sure if it works. Now I have radar for these things. I start taking notes as I go through the issue. In the end, I at least have all the research I need for a blog post whenever.

I know I have found posts like this before. But stupid me forgot to bookmark them. I did some searches for a while, but was unsure of how to phrase my search: "Easy blog post ideas", "Blogging when you don't have the time.". So if  you have some ideas or know of great posts on the subject, leave a comment. I may revisit this subject at a later date, if I get enough ideas together.

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