Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

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Reason Not To Blog:Just Who Do I Think I Am?

Today I started to write and this started to come out. A bunch of reasons not to blog again. This time, instead of analyzing each one separately with an article for this series, I just kept going.

  • With time I do know that I know myself better. And I actually think at times that in knowing myself better, I like myself less.
  • I know that I am a slacker a lot and many times if I can get away with something I will.
  • I know that I hope for the best at times and stop putting in the effort too early.
  • I know that I should be doing something else now and I started writing practice again because the other thing was worse.
  • I know that I put things off until the last-minute.
  • I know that I drop the ball on keeping things in order all the time.
  • I know that my mood, drive and many other things are directly tied to the money I am making.
  • I know that I should be finding ways to relax more often and be more active physically.
  • I know that I don't what the next year will be like with us just treadmilling now.
  • I know that I really don't know what I want to do. Because when I think I do, I eventually get bored with it and try something else.
  • I know that I am not as good as a writer as I think I am or that I once was.
  • I know that I let a lot of people down in the last year and I am not quite sure how to fit that into my picture of being a good person.
  • I know that I need to be more realistic about things with myself and especially with the people I work for. I had these priorities turned around.
  • I know that good feeling of having everything in order is only momentary and possibly a delusion.
  • I know that although I am fighting hard and have massive drive, I am a little more let's call it realistic now and that is friction for drive. You gotta have a little bit of unfounded faith.
  • I know that I am really not sure of some of my abilities. I am one hell of a troubleshooter, solution finder and problem solver, as long as I have some else do the work and can explain to them how to do it well.
  • I know that I am trying to get this over and looked at the word count again.

And that really is about how you fix that issue. Let your inner hater rant until he is done talking and then go on your way and get your work done. And, Hemingway, that was a joke.

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