It's Alive

It's Alive

Well kind of at least. Just switched from Wordpress to Drupal. Got tired of using plugins I needed but never could trust to be safe and for the last 8 months or so, I have been working full time mainly building Drupal sites at VML. And for all of you out there spamming the shit out of this thing with comments: until I get Mollom working on this blog to replace Akismet, I run one MySql command every few days that deletes all unapproved comments, so have fun wasting your time.

And I may have launched this before it was ready. There are still some posts with Wordpress flavored PHP embedded in them. I call them my white cow in a snowstorm posts because that's about what they look like. The theme uses Twitter Bootstrap with only a few added lines of CSS because I believe in my heart of hearts that a mechanic should have the shittest car in the world, a shoemaker's children should have to feel the ground through their shoes and I really don't give a flying fuck. It is time to make this thing hit rock bottom so I can create something from the ashes.

I was about to the point where I had abandoned this thing. Moved it from a VPS to a shared server. Didn't care if page load times were somewhere north of 2 minutes. Not really, but getting an admin page to load took about that long. It has been a rough year with lots of changes and lots of rethinking things.

  • I no longer do any SEO work for anyone else. Suck it. SEO is becoming closer to common sense any way. And if you don't have a brain, you shouldn't be doing this shit.
  • I switched jobs because I found out I could get more money doing that. What a freaking concept. And I am ragging on you about common sense.
  • I am at the tail end of a divorce. And hopefully at the end of believing I was cut out for any false social construct or under the control of that evil task master "biological imperative".
  • And a bunch of other random changes, but I just got tired of listing things. This was just supposed to be a post explaining my absense before I started bombarding my 5 or 6 subscribers with more posts, so they can unsubscribe before it happens.

Anyway, that's about it. What's this Phoenix going to look like once it rises from the ashes. Who the fuck knows. I sure don't. So you can stop asking right now.

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