It is Hard to Write

It is Hard to Write

Day 20 (September 30th): Documentary
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Reason Not To Blog: It is too hard to write

Then don’t. That’s the simple solution. Stop driving yourself crazy and beating your head against the wall.

And if you can’t. Then deal with it. You will have to find a way.

Writing and blogging is a bitch. There are times when you are in the groove.

I had been slowly writing a post a day for a few weeks when I wrote this post. Today I edited about 7 to get them ready for publishing, wrote another 3 and came up with about 20 new ideas for articles.

I am not bragging about this accomplishment. I am thankful because I know how that I am an expert at fighting writing. And that’s about what it is. If I sit down and actually force myself to start writing and not stop for at least 15 minutes, I usually come back with something if only the drive to try the same thing the next day until I finally do come back with something good.

But I fight it. Call it useless. Let it conveniently slip my mind. Let other tasks get in the way.

With an hour a day, anyone can see good results from a blog within a year. I know that. You will not at the top of the heap, but you will be able to say it is worth it. I know this because it happened to me and the traffic has been pretty steady through my hiatus due to good anchor content.

So I will give my blog that hour a day or close to whip it back into shape. I planning on continuing to post this series or a post 3 times a week leaving more time to fix things up around here and come up with a full plan of attack.

But once you have gone through the process of just forcing yourself to write, to keep the pen moving for at least 15 minutes, every day until it becomes habit, it sticks with you. Your writing practice has memory and after a few days of writing daily, blogging is not hard at all.

I know this. I guess the solution is not to forget this and let other things get in the way.

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