How to Host Your Own Blog in 5 Minutes for $10 a Year

How to Host Your Own Blog in 5 Minutes for $10 a Year

A few weeks ago, I just happened on a really cheap hosting company called NearlyFreeSpeech and nearly free is right. To host the average Wordpress blog, it will cost you about 2 cents a day. Beat that GoDaddy. There is no billing. You fill your account up and you get that amount of hosting. $10 may last you longer than a year. I threw $5 in my account just to play around. It should last me until the end of summer and I have 8 domains there I am setting up. As they get traffic, I will move them away to VPS hosting for more power, but for now it works and it is very low cost.
NearlyFreeSpeech has some idiosyncrasies like you can't set up cron jobs. But you do get SSH access to your accounts and that is about all you get. No Fantastico. No One Click Installs.
I had been doing a lot of SSH work lately installing Magento sites, so I figured I could find out a way to speed up the process for Wordpress. I made a video which I will break down here first because it does not have the first three steps:
  1. Get a NearlyFreeSpeech account
  2. Add a site
  3. Add a database
  4. Get putty - This a simple tool to help you access your server via SSH
  5. Follow the video
  6. Use the code below in SSH to install Wordpress. This is not the original version in the video. It does more. You no longer have to go back to the FTP to set permissions. The script does it all. So once this is pasted in the SSH window, open your new site in your browser to go through Wordpress's browser install and you are done.
cp -rf ./wordpress/* ./
rm -r wordpress
touch .htaccess
chmod 777 .htaccess
cd ..
chgrp -R web public
chmod 775 public
find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
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