How to Create a Blogging Network

How to Create a Blogging Network

The other day I ran into a post over at DoshDosh about the Flagship Blog Project. It's quite a schedule. A new blog every 30 days. Ever since then I have been thinking I need a schedule like that. Something that will get me moving forward, definite deadlines for new blogs. But how am I going to come up with all that content. I haven't actually looked into hiring writers yet and I am sure it's not within my budget currently.

So how can I come up with the content? I have two blogs to keep up with now. What if I doubled that? Would I have the material in my head to write the articles? And what topics would I choose?

I will choose what I am learning. Whatever it is I am currently studying will be the subject matter for new blogs. Right now I am learning investing. I have to do something for the future. Put my money to work for me. Unfortunately, I only know a little about stocks. But I have a few audio books which I listen to on the way to work.

I am not really worrying about the competition for now. I know there is a lot. But I am killing two birds with one stone here. This will help me learn the subject matter, which I need to learn anyway. The blog itself can get traffic or not and I will still have reaped some benefits. The act of writing about the subject will help me learn faster. Whatever I read has a way of working its way into whatever I am writing anyway.

I am also going to break subjects off of this blog. With the release of my theme, I will be starting a new blog just on Wordpress. I will try to keep it strictly on the subject, because I think I can write enough content. Just designing this theme has given me boatloads of ideas for plugins and future themes.

So those are my ideas. Start new blogs on what you are learning. Break topics off of current blogs and create a new blog with that topic. We will see if it works. This blog with still be my focus and I will not steal time from writing here to write on my other blogs, but when the time gets freed up, I will schedule all in and see where I am sitting.



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