Finally Every Wordpress Installation Current

Finally Every Wordpress Installation Current

And it was a mother. This was why I wait so long to update.

First, I made sure that all my plugins were current, but it turns out that this new version of Wordpress is a big change and it really didn’t matter if they were current because a lot were not going to work.


This is a plugin I had on every installation of Wordpress. And I am tired of messing with it to make it work with Wordpress 2.6.1 or the theme at Digital Products Review. I am not really sure which it is, but I am done for a while. But when I turn it on, my homepage looks like the picture on the right. It did nothing to the other pages on the site.

Not sure why. Looked at the source code of each and did a compare. They came out exactly the same. Done messing. Just done.

I want to use the same autolink plugin across all my Wordpress installations, so if it doesn’t work with one, it is not going on any.

So I went looking and came back with KB Linker, a very simple way to autolink keywords, which I may edit so that it can import true CSV files. The Alinks import and export function was very proprietary. I just want a simple “keyword,url,title,target” type CSV file.

But I found a lot of autolink plugins, enough for another post sometime.

Simple Tags

This S.O.B. stopped working too and it did a lot. It gave you tag suggestions and gave you related posts for both posts and feeds. The replacement is supposed to be Simple Tagging which doesn’t even do half as much.

So now, no suggestions. I will be using Sniplets to put the code under each post. Sniplets is a pretty sweet plugin. It’s almost like having widgets you can put anywhere, not just in the sidebar.


They have two plugins you can download. Don’t make the mistake of installing the wrong one if you have Wordpress 2.6 or higher. On this site, it messed up the javascript in the admin to the point I had no HTML editor and I had to build the sidebars in the correct order the first time, because drag and drop was gone.

The Turbo Link

I use Flock. Nuff said. Can’t use Google Gears on Flock. So I have no idea how well this works. I guess I could fire up Firefox just for blogging, but why. I have Live Writer and ScribeFire.

Wordpress MU

I do have one of these installations now and I can build subdomain blogs on the fly. It’s pretty damn cool. I can also clone any one of these installations to create a new one.


These times start out shitty, but in the end they are much better. I took a normal work day off to get all of this done. I will not go broke making my boss rich. I make more on my own than my day job. Therefore, it gets second place.

I realized my priorities were out of wack. If anything needs to have the focus of my work, it is my sites, not my job.

And I will be using Atomkeep to send out my resume, like Tim Ferris suggests in The Four Hour WorkWeek. I need to see what’s out there.

And I changed the theme. It was time and it was free. And I think I like it a lot better.

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