Comment Nazis

Comment Nazis

I put a contact form on this blog just so that anyone who wanted to contact me. Well, someone did this week. I will not mention any names. But someone contacted me to ask me why I deleted a comment. I wrote back an apologized, because I do check delete by accident sometimes when there is some spam to wade through.

It turns out I didn't delete the comment. It was still in moderation. So I approved it.

Just a note for anyone else. Comments do stay in moderation until I approve them. Once moderated, any further comments by that person are automatically approved. I work a day job and have a family at home that I spend time with. Despite what it looks like I don't have a laptop attached to my head at all times of the day. Maybe that is expected these days. Sorry, I am still a little old fashioned.

But I don't really understand the issue. I leave comments with no worry if they will be approved or not. It's up to the blogger. And I approve just about any comment that isn't blatant spam. Even some that aren't a full sentence, because I give the benefit of a doubt.

My original post was worse but I toned it down. I write these mainly in the morning. I am not a morning person when it comes to dealing with issues and I do have a wee bit of a temper. It just seemed like an attack to me after approving most of the comments here. And maybe I shouldn't have written this post, but it is a new thing to me.

I also understand it could be a simple misunderstanding of the moderation process. But reacting this way...

My comments are really picking up here. So a few questions if anyone has an answer. Is this a normal occurrence? Am I wrong to be a little bit bent about it? Is this post bad karma?

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