Bloghology, BWE, Vegas, and Other Random Stuff

Bloghology, BWE, Vegas, and Other Random Stuff

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The First Day

Okay, I think I am much more put together today. I meant to get a nap in all day yesterday after checking out the 4 block radius around my room. I put some pictures up in Flickr. It seems that there are as many cranes here as there are casinos.

I didn’t manage to take the nap until 5:30 in the evening. And I basically slept through until 4:30am today. But I am ready to go now. Sleep deprivation has a way of making a person edgy, unorganized, and a little bit moody. Not a good state.

Before I did get a nap, I managed to walk down and get my pass to the expo. And the convention center is huge. I think some of the small towns in my home state would fit inside the building.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to walk through the whole thing to get to the South Hall, which is where the Expo is. After about 20 minutes of that and walking through an Expo of the latest and greatest in mining equipment, I found out you have to leave the building and walk outside to the South Hall. But today I know exactly where to go.

I also picked up a bunch of free magazines. Freebies are cool. Not just the current version of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, but a few back issues as well. And speaking of magazines,


The print magazine didn’t make it. It was a rush deal and we pushed the first issue to try to get it to the printers in time. It was just not enough this time. But you can still check out the digital issue. This was a great disappointment, but you can’t win everything. We are still going to make this the best magazine on blogging out there and one of the only.

Image of Yaro Starak from TwitterThe cover story is an interview with Yaro Starak, who also wrote a great post about the magazine. So visit his site and check his post on Bloghology out.

Today's Plan

Today’s plan is to get as much out of this first day at Blog World Expo as I can. The schedule is a little bit confusing and it’s seems that there are so many speakers that some are speaking at the same time and you have to make a decision as to what you want to learn. I am still not quite sure what I have access to yet.

So I am going to jump in and play it by ear.

I also plan on getting a pass to the monorail and just riding it like a bum around for a few hours if I get a chance after BWE. I still have some gifts to get.

The kids will settle for the regular touristy things. But the wife is going to need something special after spending the weekend alone with the monsters. We have only spent one day apart for four years. Not that I will find or afford something special, but I will try my hardest.


Friendfeed has changed their look.

Twitter has changed their look.

Zemanta is starting to kick ass giving you the ability to add your own Flickr photos and feeds to your suggestion pool. It is something I have been waiting for. You can also filter your results if you don’t think Zemanta is getting quite right.

It is now 8:30 and I have to get a move on. See everyone there.

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