Blogging Post Shooting Star

Blogging Post Shooting Star

This whole keeping up with things on the internet can get addictive. Getting to a Digg story and being number 1351 to digg it is kind of deflating, but having a hand-picked bunch of feeds that tend to release breaking news first for the hopes of being the second to write about it and then finding your site linked back to on Technorati from some blogging big wig is a score.

And the run-on frentic pace of the last sentence is the way it feels, until you stop and wonder, “What the hell?”

 But then a new Web 2.0 site catchs your eye and is the next new thing to change the shape of the internet skyline. For the next week or so, at least.

The attention span of the net addicted is short. Their memory ends at the other side of the hyperlink.

Do good sites stick? Yes, but some developers have the same attention span and a bigger need for attention.  A steady flow of traffic pales in comparison to the hit of adrenlin from a site crashed by Digg.

So what am I saying here? Nothing really. Just observing. And long live the web, 2.0 or not, and freedom of information and the entreprenuers who may not have had a chance without it.

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