Blogging is a Bitch

Blogging is a Bitch

Okay, time to get these off my chest and write them down so that I can separate the stupid from the actual true issues.

Being Funny

I write posts that are funny in my head at times, by my head can recreate the tone of my voice and a computer screen just can’t do the same for the people reading the post. So I hit publish as quick as I can, saying I will not worry about how the post is taken and then stress about it all night. Of course, the next morning it takes a while to check my comments and when I do, it is usually with one eye closed so that the full force of whatever may be there doesn’t hit me at once.

Sitting Down to Write

Anything and everything that can stop me from writing will do so. It doesn’t matter if I am in a bad mood when I wake up and everything seems uninteresting. I know if I sit here and type, a post will come out. It may be after the first thousand words, but something worth posting will be there. Of course, any research for said post has the possibility of sending me off on a tangent that may not bring me back to writing. Then things will be interesting, interesting enough to keep me from writing. This one is really under scrutiny.

And despite the bravado, writing always is a mean bitch until I am actually doing it. Oh, yes there are times of intense flow where I can write thousands of words a day. But these times are usually sparked by a closely approaching deadline. Do I need an assistant whose only job is too hold a gun to the back of my head so I will start writing?

Dealing with Tech Issues

Screw the backend. It has become auto mechanics to me slowly over the years. I am really tired of that crap. Updating Wordpress. Fixing installations. Finding plugins to do what I want. I got into this damn business because the distance between idea and reality is shorter on the net. Now it has been a few years. Shouldn’t this damn thing think for me yet?


After writing a lot, I realize that I am not as good at it as I thought. In fact, if I look back to my teens, I may have been better then. Sometimes I read what I have written and cringe. And then I won’t write a post here for days. But I sure know how to read books on writing and quote from them like I follow the letter of the law. But I am a lazy writer hoping to improve by osmosis.

I am sure I will find more later. They look pretty silly in print. There you go, issues, see how stupid you look. Now step off.

Like that works.

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