Blog Blazers: A First Impression

Blog Blazers: A First Impression

Last night, I received my copy of Blog Blazers. I got it for free to review it. I can’t tell how excited I was over that. In fact, I had to analyze the excitement a bit. I actually make a bit of money online and somehow a free book excited me more than that. Not much sense, right?

First, I have to let you in on something. The interview format is not my favorite because it can be done badly. If the interviewer is not doing his job right, an interview can turn into hero worship. If the interviewee is off that day, you could miss some of the meat.

But then I read why Stephane Grenier chose the interview. He was going to make it a regular book on blogging. But he decided that with an interview book, he himself could learn more. And the readers would learn more too.

So instead of writing another 1-2-3 this is how you blog book, Stephane interviewed 40 top bloggers. What resulted was a book that has no rules set in stone, because every blogger is a bit different than the last one is this book.

And like Stephane said in the Intro of the book, I will be reading this one over and over because it not only gives tips but alternatives to blogging dogmas. I have a lot learn about blogging.

I made it to chapter 6 last night and here is some of what I learned so far:

  • Aaron Wall of met his wife through his ebook. Maybe not so important to the rest of you but it makes me feel like I am in good company. I met my wife via StumbleUpon.
  • Abdylas Tynyshow of made the point that your thoughts and voice are your competitive edge. Let them come out in your posts.
  • Al Carlton of tells of one post that has made him $2000 so far and took 15 minutes to write.
  • Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends gives away a lot of tips in her interview. I can't really point at one that stand out above the others, but I will be reading that interview again.

I can’t wait to see what else I learn from this book and I will let you know how it goes. I highly recommend this book for any blogger.

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