At Blog World Expo

At Blog World Expo

Well, not really there. I am in a hotel room, a purple and pick one with the jet engine type air conditioner. But it works. Damn sure lot of construction going on around here.

It had been a hectic week leading up to this weekend:

My parents had some issue I had to help them with. A brown recluse spider climbed across my son’s bed Wednesday, forcing me to bomb the house the next day. The day before that, a tire blew out on the car. I had to leave with my wife home with a sick kid while she is still getting over being sick.

Not that I am bitching or that these things are not the things that everyone deals with. But they all happened to hit on the week I was going out of town. That is, after having weeks with no major issues.

Murphy’s law. It’s why I pack and prepare a week before because I wanted time at the end to deal with the wildcard issues and they definitely hit this time. But they normally do on occasions like this.

I also bought a webcam to talk to the family while away and made my first video of myself which basically says what I just typed, except in a more jumbled, convoluted way. I need practice.

The plan for tonight is try to make it to the party at the Mirage. I have already shelled out over $110 for two taxi rides today. Done with that until I need to be at the airport. If I have to walk, Google says it’s about 35 minutes. Not bad. Plus a lot of chance for pictures which my wife made me promise I would post.

And the comments, tweets and the like, I have been trying to keep caught up. Just hasn’t worked for the last few busy days. But I promise I will get to them today. If the damn cheapo wireless connection here doesn’t keep booting me.

Off to find a place to eat and go see if I can get a badge at least today from BWE or however that works, to get to the party tonight.

Well, here’s the video, which I haven’t edited because I still can’t stand myself on video. All in due time:

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