All Over the Map, Questioning the Niche Issue

All Over the Map, Questioning the Niche Issue

How much can you jam into a blog before the amount of topics or subjects you cover has spread you too thin? This is something I have been asking myself lately. I cover a lot of subjects here and in covering all these subjects, I don't cover a specific one in very much depth. This issue has definitely come to my mind more often as I started reading Blog Profits Blueprint. It my be that I could cover all of these subjects in more depth if writing blog posts was all I did all day

Everyone needs a niche. That seems to be a consensus. I've run into a few bloggers out there that say this isn't so. But then again, my niche may be that of the internet marketer who has to do all of this crap himself to keep things going. And the central theme would be organization and productivity in doing them all, which doesn't seemed to be covered that much out there. Oh, there are productivity blogs out there. And there are one man show blogs out there. And there are programming and design blogs out there.

I took a look at what I cover: ecommerce, development (a long list here), ppc, blogging, seo, social media, etc. Maybe I need to read a blog on outsourcing. Or maybe there is a method here. Something that I am working toward. A way to organize and handle all this data and do all of it yourself up until that point you can start hiring out. Because, believe me, I would hire out programming tommorrow. I like coming up with the concepts. I hate chasing bugs. And I am a bug factory.

Maybe it's time to get a ReviewMe review. I will have to check into it further and see if I can get a review with a specific purpose. I won't even be looking at the linking aspect. I need a little help with a direction to go. And Yaro put me in this life questioning mode. No, just joking. It's just something I have been sensing and needed to face.

Any suggestions from regular readers is appreciated. I would like to know what you come here to read and how I can fit all these subjects under a single theme umbrella. And hey, I don't use nofollow for comments.

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