A Weekend of Work

A Weekend of Work

This weekend I got off my butt and went down a list of things I wanted to get done.

  • I built a list of blogs using the CommentLuv plugin over at my site Digital Product Review. I am just getting the final tweaks on the theme done and am ready to start getting a little more traffic. I figured this list would bring some. It only has 100 blogs on it now, but I have about 250 more links to go through, so look for updates. A large percentage of these blogs have an Entrecard widget, a second reason to check this list out.
  • I put up another Wordpress plugin project for bidding. It's a simple one and I will be using it to check out developers. The plugin is a huge project, so I am getting it made piece by piece until it is finished, depending on my budget for hiring developers and my own time to add to it.
  • I purchased and read The Lazy Affiliate Marketer. This is an awesome book for intermediate affiliate marketers. I finished reading it in a day. The blueprint I have used to make money through affiliate marketing is about 20% of the book. The other 80% is where I want to go. Plus I have some ideas to add to the book. So I will be writing a report expanding the book, adding a few more techniques and giving it away with future purchases. Look for the annoucement when I am done with the report.
  • I did some work around the house.
  • I came up with an awesome idea for my domain Dir23.com which is just sitting around collecting dust, but that is going to require some Drupal knowledge. The idea. I'll wait until the site's done.
  • After my post about automatic related content, I have explored it more by playing around on my Squidoo account, just trying to find how many different feeds I could come up with to cluster around one concept. A laboratory of some sorts. The SimplePie plugin works great for Wordpress, but it requires a little php knowledge. I have written some preprocessors for the plugin and noted all the code and will be writing a post about using it the day I make it live here, along with some ways to make money by using the plugin.
  • That made me want to build a list of Squidoo-like sites: dofollow, the ability to add multiple feed and content sources, and no marketing haters. On the to do list.
  • I have been questioning myself about post frequency for a while. The problem is that there is a lot of info on the subject and a lot of opinions. One thing I have noticed: work put in on posting and commenting on the weekends is usually less effective during the weekend. In other words, I get more mileage out of my weekday post. Another thing: I get a lot of comments on the post just before the last one I posted. I figured I will drop myself down to every other day posting for now, with a goal of 4 posts a week. I will have to discipline myself by timestamping post forward even when I can't wait to publish. On the weekends, I will post a light post, most likely off topic. I write some long posts quite often. Those should be able to make it a couple of days and give me an off day for my other blog and projects. Plus, it's close to the same amount of posts I have been getting in anyway. Might as well stop berating myself and make it the new rule. But I would like to hear opinions on the topic of post frequency because nothing has totally swayed me one way (daily posting or more) or the other (every other day or a few times a week).

And that's about it.

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