A List of Top Blog Lists

A List of Top Blog Lists

I cover a lot of topics and read a lot of blogs. Up until recently, I had them all in one folder in my feed reader. Then I broke them up into folders. That took some thought and until then, I really had no idea what all my interests are. After that two hour organizing session, a lot of things became more clearer. I saw what I liked listed by topic. After that, I was able to create a few filters for each of my blogs. Now, if I'm in commenting mode, I just go down the river of articles in each filter. I have only headlines showing and open all the links in my browser. It is training me on writing better headlines and opening the link in the browser means I don't have to retype everything when I go to comment.

Like I said, I read a lot of blogs. Before that, I used to read a lot of books. I still do. A productivity expert would tell me to trim down. But I am not worried about information overload. It is not my goal to read every post on every blog that I subscribe to. It is my goal to always have a variety of posts to read, for inspiration, for ideas, for commenting on, and for submitting to social news sites. The more, the merrier and the more chances I will hit something that I really need to read or that slipped between the cracks.

I like reading good books. I like reading good books that no one else heard of even better.

So, I noticed a few gaps in my reading material, a few categories where there were only twenty or so posts to read. And I went looking for "top" lists to add to my reader.

So now I will just go check a few of these blogs out and start adding new subscriptions. A list of affiliate marketing blogs was hard to find. You can find plenty of "make money" blogs, but I was looking for the pure affiliate marketing blogs. So, for you list builders out there, hint, hint.

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