Yes, Virginia, SEO's are Ruining Google

Yes, Virginia, SEO's are Ruining Google

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And here are some similar phrases that I put in the same basket:

  • "We are more gullible and superstitious today than we were in the Middle Ages, and an example of modern credulity is the widespread belief that the Earth is round.  The average man can advance not a single reason for thinking that the Earth is round.  He merely swallows this theory because there is something about it that appeals to the twentieth century mentality."- George Bernard Shaw
  • "If you build, they will come" - Random Ghost in W. P. Kinsellas "Shoeless Joe" (yes, there was a book before the movie "Field of Dreams" and the author they were traveling to see was J. D. Salinger.)
  • "If men were meant to fly, God would have given him wings" - A lot of people with a close connection to God who seems to have changed his mind. He does that a lot. He's an old god and has a touch of Alzheimers.
  • "Sex education classes in our public schools are promoting incest." - Jimmy Swaggert
  • "Fascism combats . . . not intelligence, but intellectualism . . . which is . . . a sickness of the intellect . . . not a consequence of its abuse, because the intellect cannot be used too much . . . it derives from the false belief that one can segregate oneself from life. . ." - Giovanni Gentile, addressing a Congress of Fascist Culture, Bologna, 30 March 1925
  • "Ignorance is better than knowledge" - Tao Te Ching

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And no, that is not a link because that would be SEO too, just to let you know.

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