Why Facebook Sucks

I have finally made it to this point with Facebook. Nope, no convincing me otherwise. I get enough spam in my email to waste my time. And it's like I wiretapped anyone who is my friend. I get instant updates on whatever they happen to be doing at the time. It's what I always wanted. There used to be a phrase called "too much information".In an age where the amount of information we need to cram into our minds just to make it in this world in increasing daily, do I really need to keep tabs on what everyone is doing at this moment. Twitter this. "I am typing the letter I." "I am typing the letter A." I am typing the letter M."

Do people think that they are this important that you need to know when they blew their nose? It's like the tool of people who don't get paparazzi attention, so they become their own paparazzi via cell phones. Ok, maybe that's a little harsh. But it has to at least be the equivalent of the guy who speaks real loud on his cell phone in public so that everyone around him can know how important he is.

I didn't even sign into Facebook to write this. I get there and there's just too much. And then I leave.

I know my spam filter deletes some good emails. Do I care? Not until effects something. It is much better to loose a few emails than to have to wade through twice as much spam.

I don't have the time for email and Facebook thinks it's going to take a bigger chunk of my time.

Maybe there some settings I need to change. Don't care. It like a frat party there. People give you random things you would never find in the real world. People write on your wall. It's like your own personal bathroom stall for people to write things such as "Bob was here". You can inadvertendly spam people because whenever you try something, by default all your friends are checked for you to send the same message to. And if you are going fast, you forget this. Hypothetical question. Email spammers get jail time. Are instant messages any different?

I haven't figured out how you could do something useful at Facebook. There is just too much going on. It's not that I can't see the forest for the trees. I can't see the trees either. They've all been TPed.

I have written posts like this before where I have lived to regret it or downright ended up deleting the post. Sometimes I resist change, passionately, and I start writing before I have really thought it through. I don't think this will be one of those times. Even if I do take it back, I can live without Facebook and I'll act like I didn't.


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