What Makes You Money?

What Makes You Money?

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This is what you should be doing.

Ignore the rest.

Of course, only if you are here for the same reason I am.

Did I just piss off some “natural and organic” internet denizens or what?

A note to them. The internet is made up of bits and bytes. There are people in behind them, but no matter how long you explore it, it is not going to be made out of granola and twigs.

Is this an explanation of why my posts have dropped off? Yes and no.

I am writing this one.

And making it very scannable.

And maybe going a bit overboard.

But here is what happened:

  • I started confusing traffic with income.
  • I started counting comments and feedback.
  • I started trying to be the first to new stories.
  • I became a blogger without a modifier. And that's like being a mutt at a dog show.

And, no, not everything is about making money. I have met a lot of cool people online. But at the end of the day, you need to pay the bills.

  • If you are doing something to learn the ropes, know when you are at the end of your rope.
  • If you are turning over a new leaf, time yourself so the leaf does not get old.
  • If you are going down the same path, make sure it still goes somewhere.
  • If you are doing research, don't fall for your own loose definition.

And if you want to write a post, do so and stop blocking your words before they are on the page. There is a fine balance between writing like no one will read the result and writing for audience. And I am not sure where that line really is, so you are better off to ignore it.

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