Tweenage Girls are Nuts, But Their Parents...

Even though it seems like I don't, I do take some nights off.

Last night Ashley Tisdale came to Independence Center. I am not sure why she came there. There are plenty of better malls in the Kansas City area that are closer to the center of the metro area. She was putting on a 3 song concert to promote her new album Headstrong and RED by Mark Ecko. The concert part was really short and after a fashion show/contest featuring local teens.

But the mall was packed. And the parents unruly, just like any event put on mainly for kids. There were parents putting their kids up on walls right next to signs saying "Don't stand on wall". Security came and told them to get down. Then they would put their kids back up. This cycle happened a few times until the real police came and stood next to the wall. And there were more police there than I have seen at many death metal concerts. When I first walked in I thought this was strange, but then I knew why.

My daughter had fun, despite the parents there. A few almost knocked me down while I had her on my shoulders. And I had to have her on my shoulders because everyone had their kids on theirs. At least I'm 6 foot. Sorry people behind me. I guess I am one of those parents too. She is the more laid back type. When the other girls attempted shattering all the glass within a quarter by their voices alone, she covered her ears.

My two year old son liked the crowds more than the concert. He just kept looking around at all the people and for a while I thought the awe would curb his sometimes not so agreeable attitude, but eventually, all he could think of was the quarter operated rides we saw as we came in. "Pink Car, Dah Dah. Pink Car, Dah Dah..." Pink is his favorite color and the first color word he could say. For a while it was his synonym for "cool".

But not all parents are bad. One accidentally entered himself instead of his daughter into the fashion show and went through with it. He ended up being first runner up. Other parents got there when the mall opened and let their kids cut school.

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