Tricking Yourself into Getting Things Done

Tricking Yourself into Getting Things Done

It seems like getting ahead involves constantly looking back at how you react in certain situations and figuring out your way around yourself the next time.Notebook

Two days ago, I wrote four posts in a notebook. Seeing all that work done, I promptly put off even typing them out. I still worked on some other things but never got back to typing the posts out.

So getting back to the trying to trick myself into not letting this happen again. I am not quite sure yet. I am writing this at midnight and am still not quite sure if I am going to type the rest out yet or not. Maybe it's because they already feel done because, in essence they are or maybe it's because I need to brush up on my typing skills or really get to training Dragon Voice.

Questions, questions.

I guess I will write at least a few.


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