Notice: Buying text links in today's internet landscape is a risk and not something I would advise to newbies. But it does have it's place if done right.

I've been meaning to give TNX the once over for a while. I've played around a little with test link buying and know the importance of links that look natural. Plus I like checking out the twists companies can put on advertising. There has been an explosion of ad networks lately.

How TNX works

The unit of currency is TNX-points. These can be purchased or earned by selling ads on your site. The system is unified, which means you can be a publisher and advertiser at the same time.

Okay, an easier to understand explanation. TNX works like the casino. You buy tokens to get in and can cash them out when you leave. While the tokens are in the system you can buy advertising wherever you want. Any any credits you make from selling links go into your account to sell back to TNX or use to buy advertising.

The amount of points you get paid for a link from your site depends upon the Pagerank of the specific page it is on. This is not a site wide link system. You can choose ads for each page on your web site and each page can have different links.

The unified system is a great way to move traffic from a highly ranked site that makes you no money to a lower ranked site that makes you money. Sell text link ads on the no-money site and use those points to buy ads for the site you want to boost.

For this service, they take 12.5% which is a really low percentage.

Signing up at as A Publisher

Then I added a site and waited a couple of days to get it approved but once it was, link sales started taking off. You can block ads, delete them or ban an advertiser from adding any more test links to your site. Everything is ultimately under your control, up to the amount of links you will list on each page, starting at one link per page.

The code is either php or perl, so you need to have a site which is on your own host.

The credits are paid in advance, so removing your site from the system takes a little time, if you want to do that. They don't recommend just removing the code as that can get your site banned.

Buying Links Through TNX

You can choose links across a range of site categories and Pagerank and they are very affordable because you are not paying for site wide links. You pay for a link from a page at a time.

They even have link generator that creates varying anchor text for your links, details here. It is sort of confusing at first, but after a little playing around with it you can generate a whole lists of text ads. This makes the links look more natural to Google.

You start out choosing categories, the Pagerank of pages you want links from and the amount of money you are willing to pay each month. From there you choose how many links you want from each category. You do not see the actual links. Then your ad is sent to moderation. This is as far as I got in this process and will have to investigate it further.

Pagerank Adjusting

Does anyone remember when everyone was trying to set up tree way linking schemes? Well, TNX takes that a little further by turning links into credits. Therefore the credit from adding someone's link to one of your pages gives you a way of putting a link on anyone else's site.

Theoretically, you could use the ranking of lower profit high ranking sites to build the rank of sites you have monetized more effectively. Using the credits earned from one site to boost another.

The TNX Affiliate Program

You earn a hefty 13.3% lifetime commissions on other site owners that you sign. These are paid as credits which can be cashed out or used to advertise one of your own sites. Details at TNX.

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You can sign up here (affiliate link).

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